Delivery time

If you would like to order our beautiful Jewellery and you live outside the European Union, please let us know:
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1. Orders placed by the Buyer shall require payment.
2. Orders shall be executed and delivered when payment is received.
3. Orders placed on working days after 15:00 hours, on Saturdays, Sundays and official holidays shall be forwarded to execution on the following working day.
4. The ordinary order execution period, starting from the day the contract is concluded until the delivery of the Products to the buyer will be 9 working days or from 4 to 7 weeks in case of Products that have to be manufactured.
5. If the buyer places several orders at the same time with various execution periods, upon explicit instructions of the buyer the orders may be executed jointly with the execution time being the execution time of the most time-consuming order.
6. The terms and conditions of order execution apply solely to orders executed in the territory of the European Union. Terms and conditions of executing orders beyond the territory of the European Union shall be agreed subject to an individual agreement with the buyer.