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At Eclair.shop, you will find jewellery that can makes your eyes shine and heart beats stronger.
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This is a collection created for customers who value elegance, subtle and sophisticated look and high quality of the product.
Our jewellery is distinguished from those available on the market due to its unique design, the highest quality and attention to the smallest detail.

Jewellery always has a history, and this one has extraordinary. All products are made in a small russian manufacture with more than 30 years of tradition, in the same original technology used by Karl Faberge in his goldsmith's workshop, where famous eggs were made. Each element is handcrafted by top-class jewellery masters. The process of creating one pendant or earring takes many hours of work and commitment of many people. By caring for the smallest detail, they have achieved a unique design and the highest quality.

"The company was founded in 1991, and since the day of its existance the elegant Russian style of the firm's jewelry has been of the artistic level comparable with the items created by Karl Faberge himself. Karl Faberge has created a unique style of his own which is constantly in demands and always finds its admires. We have not drawn the line between Faberge and conteporary times for nothing. The renaissance of this style, the quality, the variety and induvality have became the foundation stone of our work,and the sucess of the years that had followed proved the value of our products that were mulitiple winners of various contests between Russian best Jewelry firms. 

We use enamels in our products and keep our professional secret and knowlage. Enamel for us is exquisite and life forms in any of our products. We attach any color and shade to our enamels, while the meaning and purity is emphasized by the all technique of treating precious metal upon which the enamel is applied. This technique is used by our firm at creation of all we can do for our clients. This is jewelry and precious filigree work, table photo frames, various figures, flowers and household items.

The olny thing we can not promise – do a lot and in haste, for each of our products is made by hand and demands close attention and much time. We always give guarantess, and are ready to provide you with the highest quality, regardless the cost and time of manufacutre."

At Eclair.shop, we celebrate these indie jewellery masters who inspire us. They are doing incredible things with jewellery, and there's really no other place you can find such amazing designs, handcrafted, custom nad quality products.

It's a magic place.
We believe that jewellery is the life's companion.
We want women to feel special wearing it.

They are unique products that emphasize individual style.
We are convinced that it will be an excellent showcase and will complete your image.

We hope you love it as much as we do!

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