Payment methods

1. Electronic payments made by the Customer shall be handled by the specialised payment institution DotPay Sp. z o.o. with which the Seller has entered into an agreement. Customer can pay with credit cards, via bank transfer and PayPal.
2. If the selected payment method is with payment cards with the function of internet payments, or by bank transfer, the Customer shall be redirected to a web site to make such electronic payment, e.g. the login site to the Customer's bank or the Card Authorisation Centre. When payment for the Product is not made within 7 days of the Order date, the Order placed by the Customer will be cancelled and no payment shall be deemed as withdrawal by the Customer from the sale contract.
3. The price of Products specified in the Product description covers all taxes and fees required by applicable laws. The price does not cover the delivery costs of the Products which are specified separately.
4. The purchase of the Products is confirmed with the issue of a payment receipt of a VAT invoice. The Customer agrees to receive electronically to their e-mail address provided at Registration of an electronic image of such payment documents as VAT invoices with attachments, including adjusting VAT invoices.
5. The Customer may use rebates subject to the principles specified at The accumulated rebates may be used by Customers solely to purchase those Products that have not been excluded from such discounts or rebates. The amount of the rebate will reduce the price payable by the Customer for Products. Rebates may be combined solely when explicitly permitted. Rebates may not be disposed of or exchange for cash or any other benefits.